Customer Complaints

The quality of our customer service and satisfaction is paramount to us and therefore, any instance of client complaint is given our full attention. Customer can make a complaint by calling on 0800 888 6001 or alternatively you can email your complaint to


Acknowledgement of the complaint will be sent as soon as possible following receipt. We will endeavour to fully respond to a complaint as soon as possible. Typically, our usual response rate is within 5 working days.


The Wellesley Compliance team will manage the complaint process, investigate and gather all necessary information.

Interim response

The complaints handler may send interim response to customer if investigation is taking longer than 5 working days and all complaints should be resolved within one month.

The Wellesley team will send a Final Response to the customer following the completion of the investigation into the complaint, this will be within 8 weeks from the initial receipt of the complaint.

Please note that Wellesley & Co is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under Interim Permissions and therefore, you have access to the
Financial Ombudsman Service.