Wellesley & Co win an AltFi Award!

September 24, 2014


Wellesley & Co have won ‘The Fastest Growing Platform of the Year’ at the AltFi Awards! We’re the current record holder for funding the largest ever Peer-to-Peer loan in history, worth £10m, and growing at an exponential rate within just a year.




Wellesley & Co have won The Fastest Growing Platform of The Year Award at the AltFi Awards. The awards took place last night at Vinopolis on the South Bank, and were attended by many nominees and representatives from the alternative finance sector. Wellesley & Co are delighted and now hold the official title of being the fastest growing Peer-to-Peer lending platform in the industry.

The Directors of Wellesley & Co were in attendance at the AltFi Awards. Joint CEO & Chairman and Founder of Wellesley & Co Graham Wellesley said: “We are thrilled to have won The Fastest Growing Platform of the Year Award. The Award highlights a great year for Wellesley & Co. and the whole team are delighted with the success. The evening was a triumph not only for Wellesley but for AltFi who put on a magnificent event that was thoroughly enjoyed. A big ‘thank you’ all round.”

Winning this award topped off an already fantastic event for the Wellesley team. Wellesley & Co feel that this award triumph runs parallel with our continued success within the Alternative Finance Sector. Wellesley & Co stand out from other P2P platforms, as we offer lending rates and immediate interest to our customers with a minimum investment of just £10. Furthermore, Wellesley & Co only lend customers’ money to a borrower that they have previously lent to. Every loan is initially funded by us, which customers then participate in. A portion of each loan will always be funded by Wellesley & Co. To provide further confidence to its customers Wellesley & Co spreads its customer’s funds across its entire loan book, rather than a customer having all their money invested in a single loan. Wellesley & Co does this by using its Auto-matching software, which ensures every customer has an equal share of the entire loan book. This process runs each week ensuring that as the Wellesley Loan Book grows as does customers diversification, lowering their risk. This enables Wellesley to have a certain edge over other P2P platforms within the Alternative Finance Sector.

There were a range of platforms in the running for The Fastest Growing Platform of the Year Award alongside Wellesley & Co, so the achievement of winning the award illustrates that customers and the industry are also now receptive to Wellesley’s different style of management. The prize was determined by data extracted from the Liberum AltFi Index. The award is a particular prestigious win for Wellesley & Co as it places the company on the map as a serious contender within the sector. Furthermore, the award illustrates to Wellesley that investors, industry peers and accurate data are all showing very positive signs of an organisation that is only going to strive forward within the Alternative Finance Sector.


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