Current Loan BookHistoric Loan Book
Number of loans75254
Loan facilities (£ million)242.42429.07
Value of security (£ million)400.02700.67
Weighted average
loan to value
† Volume weighted calculation based on the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of bridging loans and the loan-to-gross development value (LTGDV) of development loans.


All loan provisioning is made by Wellesley Finance Plc and represents a provision of equity capital which is used to protect investors in the event of a loan loss occurring. All provisions are performed on a loan-by-loan basis and their use as protection to investors is evaluated on a discretionary basis.

£ Million
Total provisions recognised
to date
Total provisions charged to
Wellesley Finance to date
Total losses realised
to date
Remaining provisioning
Figures as at 28.02.2017. All provisions are made by Wellesley Finance Plc on a discretionary basis and do not represent any form of guarantee to investors.