Our loan performance

So that you can monitor the performance of our lending, we have provided a selection of information below.

Wellesley Group provides finance to experienced property developers, specialising in development funding.

Our strategy is to lend to borrowers whose loans are secured on mid-priced property throughout the UK, on loans typically between £2 million and £30 million. All loan applications are rigorously evaluated by our Credit Committee, and we place our own funds into every loan that we make, providing additional confidence to our investors.

We use the interest paid by those borrowers to pay competitive rates to our investors.

Performance in figures

£ million
Loss Count* Capital Loss
£ million**
Interest Loss
£ million***
Lifetime Loss
Ratio % †
2014 £149.32m 6 £3.33m £1.90m 2.23%
2015 £145.09m 3 £2.56m £2.52m 2.00%
2016 £127.84m 1 £2.56m £0.31m 2.00%
2017 £225.27m 0 £0.00m £0.00m 1.30%
2018 £22.59m 0 £0.00m £0.00m 1.26% 1.00%
Total £670.11m 10 £8.45m £4.73m

Figures correct as at 26/04/2018 and updated quarterly. Figures subject to daily change. Loanbook performance may go up as well as down.

* Actual losses (of the total lent by the platform in the calendar year of the loan).
** Losses are made up of actual crystallised losses and losses which have been provisioned for.
*** This is a new data point that Wellesley is reporting and relates to the amount of interest that has been suspended, however under IFRS reporting must be reported as a provision.
† Lifetime Loss ratio is calculated as gross facilities versus capital loss.
# Expected losses (as a percentage of all lifetime default rates of amount lent in the calendar year of the loan).

Please note, provisions have been made by Wellesley Finance on a discretionary basis and do not represent any form of guarantee to investors. To read more click here.


  • 95% Performing
  • 5% Non-Performing

Based on facility limit. The value of non-performing loan
facilities relative to total loan facilities may decrease during
periods of loanbook growth.

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Average interest rate
earned by investors to date

£4.51 million

Average loan size
given to developers

Over 3,600

developments built

£19.9 million

Interest paid to investors
to date

281 loans

made to date

Over £670 million

lent to date

Top 5 areas
of loanbook

Geographical breakdown of Loanbook

  • 12% London
  • 25% South East
  • 19% South West
  • 6% East
  • 23% North West

Investment through Wellesley involves lending to individuals or companies and therefore your capital is at risk and interest payments are not guaranteed if the borrower defaults. It is important to remember that historic loan default rates are not necessarily indicative of future default rates.

Wellesley is the singular name for the following collective of companies, Wellesley Group Limited (09811856), Wellesley & Co Limited (07981279) and Wellesley Finance Plc (08331511). Wellesley & Co Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under interim permissions (Registration Number IP655503). Wellesley & Co Limited is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Wellesley Finance Plc is not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Wellesley Finance Plc and Wellesley Secured Finance Plc are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Wellesley & Co Limited and Wellesley Finance Plc are registered in England and Wales and their registered office is at St Albans House, 57/59 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4QX. The trading address for both Wellesley & Co Limited and Wellesley Finance Plc is St Albans House, 57/59 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4QX, UK.

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