30 Day Product – Access Policy

Wellesley & Co Limited will match your funds to loans with terms of between one month and five years. Under normal market conditions, we expect to be able to repay your funds upon receiving your 30 day notice request. Our ability to repay your funds after 30 days is dependent on two factors: either we must have sufficient own funds to buy back the loans that your funds are matched to or we must have another lender that is able to take your place. It is important that you understand that, in certain circumstances, the repayment of your funds could be delayed as a result. It is important to remember that Peer-to-Peer lending is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and your capital is at risk and income not guaranteed if a borrower fails to repay a loan. Please note that, if we are unable to repay your funds after 30 days, we will prioritise the return of your funds before making any new loans through our platform.